Marketing is quite simple

Digital Agency


We keep it simple

Our job is to create campaigns that help you do your job, not to complicate things.


We give you a clear vision of your market, and show you how to get better.

Have fun

We give our best to our clients. Because we have a great time working with them.


The textbook quality traffic acquisition channel. Should you prioritize big volumes, or surgical precision in your targeting? Quite honestly, we don’t know how to answer that question: we take both.

Social Media

Where branding, lead generation and community building happen. If you understand the culture and codes of each platform your prospects use (or if you work with us, as it is our job to take care of this).


Site performance, accessibility, tagging, content, marketing, making the right choices on every aspect of SEO is crucial and will greatly impact your website and votre marketing. With us you will take advantage of the best free traffic source there is.


Have a complete view of everything your users do. Go further and understand their expectations. Have a precise ROI for every marketing expense. Sounds interesting to you?  We can help with that.


Analyze, Learn

Our priority: growing your business.

Parlons de vos projets !

No strings attached, only results.

We want our clients to stay with us because we make them money and because they enjoy working with us, not because they are locked into a contract.

Depending on your needs, we can execute single missions or we can take care of your accounts for as long as needed:

Single missions

For SEO audits, quick campaigns or analytics projects (tagging, dashboarding,…) for instance. If you have one goal, and not too much time to reach it, this is what you need.

Long term plans

Let us manage your digital marketing campaigns and take advantage of our expertise, while keeping a total freedom. As we said, no strings attached : you can stop working with us at anytime. Just let us know when you want to stop and you can leave at the the end of the ongoing month, no questions asked.

And now some stats.

Since our creation in 2017, we have had the pleasure to run many SEO, SEA and Social Ads campaigns for several clients, and to get great results. It is not really about the numbers. What really makes us proud is that we got to contribute to the development of so many cool projects. But all that happened between us and all the entrepreneurs who trusted us cannot fit in 3 blocks on a webpage. Numbers can. So here are the numbers.

accounts in 2020

new accounts

managed on Google Ads

Meeting YouSay has been a personal revolution in my vision of digital marketing and how you should approach it. If I had known them sooner, the iPhone would be the YouPhone.

Steve J.

Tech Jesus

I met Sam and Yossi in Chicago, when I was thinking about the presidential campaign. I thought it was a crazy idea at the time, but they talked me into it. They said they could get me into the white house if I worked with them. I said “Guys, you are crazy! You cannot do that! I don’t even have a slogan for my campaign”.

They said “Yes we can.”

Thank you Uncle Sam!

Barack O.

Federal Administration retiree

YouSay Agency, c’est le genre de prestataire qu’on aimerait avoir dans tous les domaines. Ils vous proposent un service sur mesure. Vous pouvez ajuster le budget que vous leur confiez en permanence. Et leur contrat est sans engagement! A tout moment vous pouvez partir.

Alors si vous n’appelez pas aujourd’hui votre agence pour demander le même contrat, ou si vous ne passez pas chez YouSay Agency, vous êtes des pigeons.

(Yes, we left this one in french, so you probably don’t understand it. But look at him, he loves working with us! We had great results. Really. Trust us on that one.)

Xavier N.

Roi du Minitel et entrepreneur libre


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Digital Marketing and acquisition are complex subjects, but we have to make them as simple as possible for our clients.



Costs, whate we do, what to expect, when... Our vlients always have a clear vision of everthing that happens, in real time.


We never lock the clients with our contracts. We want you to stay with us because it is your best interest, not because you have to.


Good vibes

We want you to enjoy working with us. And we want to enjoy working with you. It works better, and we want to smile when we go to work.