“Please allow me to introduce myself
I’m a man of wealth and taste”

The Rolling Stones

A quick introduction

We are experts of SEO and ROI based acquisition campaigns, and we make digital marketing simple and more efficient for our clients. We give you strategic advice, and we execute by creating campaigns that suit your objectives and your clients’ expectations.

We also optimize the collection, analysis and visualisation of your marketing data, to give your a clear vision on your results and how you can grow.

Oui mission: to put our expertise at your service, to ensure your brand gets all the exposition it deserves, and to help you make the important decisions on every aspect of your marketing.

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The starting five

We are Samuel and Yossi. Two entrepreneurs with different expertises . Samuel worked as a SEO Manager and Head of Acquisition for different agencies and european startups in London and Paris. Yossi was a Management Consultant and helped organizations be more agile and efficient.

We launched YouSay Agency together, and we convinced the best people we could think of for every skill we needed to come work with us.




I have been working in Search Marketing (SEO/SEA) and acquisition for more than 10 years. I worked as a freelance, in agencies and in hous for different brands, as an SEO Consultant, Traffic Manager and Head of Digital Marketing.

Today I help you make your digital marketing more efficient : audit, traffic growth, tracking and conversion rate optimization.




As a Partner in management consulting firms, and Project Manager in high tech companies, I have been helping my clients reach their goals for 10 years.

Understand your business and what is at stake. Start from your objectives and dreams, and turn them into a project. Take that project and make it real. This is what I do for you.



Product and graphic designer, I also have a degree (B.arch) from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of Technion – Israel Institue of Technology. This diverse background gives me a unique vision and a personal touch that you will find in all my design projects.



I started my career at Wix as the Community Manager for France 8 years ago, and I founded the French Social Media and Blog. When I left, I was the Head of Social Media, managing 18 social channels and more than 20 creative people in 5 languages – including english.

Then I helped HERE Mobility define its brand platform and message (B2B & B2C) on their website, e-mail marketing, acquisition, social media, etc.

I work with YouSay Agency to do the same thing for you and your brand.



I am a specialist of website creation and transformation, webdesign, content strategies. I like to contribute to new projects, help them succeed and be adviser for my clients for all things regarding their digital transformation.


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Digital Marketing and acquisition are complex subjects, but we have to make them as simple as possible for our clients.



Costs, whate we do, what to expect, when... Our vlients always have a clear vision of everthing that happens, in real time.


We never lock the clients with our contracts. We want you to stay with us because it is your best interest, not because you have to.


Good vibes

We want you to enjoy working with us. And we want to enjoy working with you. It works better, and we want to smile when we go to work.